Is a Real Estate Career Right For You?

Have you ever thought about being a real estate agent but wondered if you could cut it? Or are you already a real estate agent and wondering if you made the right choice?

A career in sales is not for everyone. So how do you know if a real estate career is right for you?


Are you Financially Responsible?

Being financially responsible and having the discipline to save is very important for real estate agents. A real estate career is commission based. Real Estate agents are commonly paid a percentage of the ending sale price of a home. Typically after the transaction is closed. Can you sustain your monthly expenses while you wait for a closing cheque to come in? Before considering a career in real estate it is a good idea to have a few months of expenses saved up to cover you while you wait for deals to close and pay out.

Are You Organized?

The one way to be successful in a real estate career is to be highly organized and systematic. Dealing with multiple clients at one time can be a challenge. Having systems in place that help you manage all of the data is necessary. Organizing your time well is also very important for success in real estate. Being self employed with no boss sounds fantastic and it truly is, but having no one to guide you on a daily basis and keep you accountable can be a slippery slope.


Do You Like People?

The secret sauce. You have to like people to be successful in your real estate career. People are the business. So you don’t have to just like people, you have to LOVE them. Enough to deal with their emotions, understand and want to hear their problems and help guide them through what is usually the most expensive time in their lives. You also must like meeting new people. Leads come from people, deals come from leads. Success comes from deals and so on.


Are You Willing To Be Uncomfortable… Really Uncomfortable…. All The Time?

Contrary to popular belief a career in real estate is not for the faint of heart. With all of the reasons as listed above, it can get uncomfortable. You will need to be disciplined to save and be disciplined to work hard and manage your time well, you then need to be in front of people and do things you may not have ever done before. Marketing is a key component of a successful real estate career and to stand out in a huge industry you will need to be different. With being different comes harder more uncomfortable things.

These are the most important things to consider first and foremost when deciding if a career in real estate is right for you.

Everything else will fall in to place or can be adapted.

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