Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

In an industry that is full of ideas on how to market yourself as a real estate agent, it can be pretty tough to figure out where to starts.

Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

From the tried and true methods of mailers and news ads to the more sophisticated millennial approach of social media and video marketing. What is a professional to do? Before deciding on your marketing ideas there are few things you should keep in mind.

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Consistency is Key!

Like most other marketing ideas in any industry you are not going to see results right away. So not getting a deal done or a lead after your first social media post should not have you running for the hills. The only way to make the most out of any marketing idea is to give it a fair shot. Do it regularly for a good amount of time. For example, snail mailers should be at least once a month for a year or more and social media posts should be at least once per day …. forever. When implementing marketing strategies as a real estate agent you must recognize that these types of things are more about brand development and recognition rather then flat our lead generation. No one will recognize or trust your brand if they only see it once or once in a while.

Consistency also branches out into the marketing material itself. Your posts, or deliveries whether paper or digital should all be relatively the same. Same logo, same design feel and the same message. This will keep you recognizable and memorable.

Be Relevant!

It’s be known for real estate agents to take their marketing ideas to the next level by adding in funny characters or images to be more recognizable and stand out more. This really isn’t necessary or advised. Unless the branding has to do with the real estate industry, keep it out. Real estate is a very serious industry. People are making big decisions and you are dealing with their money. You want them to think you are up for the job. As well, using something that can later be perceived as unprofessional or immature may be hard from you to branch away from. Keep your marketing ideas, material and branding relevant to the industry you are in. One that is professional, important and trustworthy.


The best way to start your marketing strategy is to write all of your ideas down and a plan on how to implement them. There is no possible way you can do everything. Although every idea seems like a good one, after writing them out along with an outline on how you plan to roll them out will help you determine how consistent and relevant you can be. Choose one or two ideas that you know will easily fit into your budget and schedule and roll them out.


Think baby steps when starting to implement your marketing ideas. Taking on too much at once will only want to make you quit when it gets too hard or you end up too busy. Think of simplified and systematic ideas and plans that you can easily integrate into your day. Master these plans before choosing and moving on to another.


Some great marketing ideas for real estate agents include:

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Good Ol’ Snail Mail 

This can include post cards, newsletters and market statistics. There are a number of real estate agents that have and still do make a mint off of this marketing idea. However, it does take some hefty start up costs and this is the number one idea that requires complete consistency and perseverance. The average turn around on a mailer campaign is 1 year or more. So that’s going to take some dedication. TIP: Choose a smaller target area to get better bang for your buck.

Hybrid –  Farming

An all time fave! Maybe it’s the cool name?? As a real estate agent, it’s very likely you have heard the term farming or geographical farming before. This is where you choose a target area and do what you can to become the local expert in this area. What is great about this marketing idea is you can get as creative as you want as long as you continually stay in touch with your farm area. So what is Hybrid – Farming you ask? It’s the condensed version. By choosing a smaller, more targeted area you have a better chance of a more personal approach as well it can be very cost effective. Instead choosing an entire neighborhood or postal area like you would with a traditional farming plan you choose something smaller. Maybe an entire condo complex or just a specific street. You could even take it next level and choose a certain network of people like dentists in the area, teachers or even just businesses. Choose the target and reach out to them consistently. Use the same steps as a traditional farming plan like market update mail outs, pop-bys and events. Create a facebook group to reach your people and share data and information with them that way. Then watch the referrals come rolling in.

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The mother of all marketing ideas that are absolutely FREE. Of course, to get an intricate blog site created, that can cost you money. But there are a great number of free blog sites out there that are very user friendly. You don’t need any coding or web design skills. You just need to know how to type. Once you are set up, just share your knowledge. Don’t be afraid you know more then you think. As a real estate agent, you answer clients questions all day long. Every question a client asks you is a new blog post. Start paying attention and you will never run out of blog posts again! If this still makes you nervous then hire someone to ghost write your blog posts for you (like us) This can be a very affordable option to get to the top of search engines quickly. Being at the top online is the most coveted achievement for a real estate agent. And it’s blogging that is going to get you there.

See a sample real estate blog

As you have begun to see, consistency is at the heart of each of the marketing ideas presented to you. Absolutely none of them will work without regular care and implementation.

These ideas only really scratch the surface of all there is to do and choose from in marketing ideas for real estate agents.

The point really is to just choose one or two things that resonate with you and get all in.

Do you have any unique and creative marketing ideas for real estate agents that you can share?? Comment below.

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